Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Progress, never as fast as you want it to be.

Hello, from gloriously snowfilled Dallas.  Not today tho', the snow passed us today.  It has been a beautiful.  We had our first white Christmas in years and years and then we had a record snowfall in February.  I can't complain, it feels like winter...some winters down here don't.

Reporting on my list of things to do/improve on in 2010.

1.  Job search - I had a job interview, the person was very nice, I feel like I blathered all the way through it tho' so... I will be disappointed if I don't get it, but not surprised. Ugh! The longer it takes to get a job the more nervous I seem to be in the interviews that I do get.  Gad!

2.  Food production - well even tho' we are having a real winter this year, I sat on the floor, with seed starter, seeds, a permanant marker and small plastic cups AND started planting.  I have lots of south facing windows. And even tho the snow on the greenhouse roof fell off onto my hot beds and broke all the glass I will not demur.  I will plant my seedlings inside this cold winter and replace the real glass on my hotbeds with plexiglass (better for hail storms - which we have many more of than blizzards).

Lots of things have sprouted:  chard, lettuce, collards, broccoli and brussel sprouts!

3.  Water reclamation...who knew that I would want to shovel snow to reclaim the water, I didn't but I should have :o)

4.  Solar power, except for sprouting seeds I have done nothing in that arena.  I have no excuse except cold and laziness...but when I am lazy because it is cold outside I do get a lot of knitting done.

5.  Webmastering - So far so good.  I have been able to do everything on my clubs website that I have been taught how to do plus some!

6.  Party --  this one is a long way off.

7.  Decluttering - funny about this one, I seem to have slowed down, but I have definitely not stopped.  I think cold weather and gray skies just slows me down in general, because the other day when the sun came out I perked right up and got a lot done.  I spent this weekend working on the kitchen as priority and I would say that I am only about 1/3 through.  I feel motivated tho'.  I really have plenty of space space as I declutter I keep finding more.  I just have to get it organized in a way that I think I can consistantly keep up with.

8.  Dining and Den conversion...this is still in the thinking stage and it will probably stay that way until I see how this summer goes.  If I find that I would rather be on my computer in the dining room this summer than in the den I will move forward.  Probable will, but you never know what other bright ideas I might come up with!

9.  Making money at home - I have been discussing another blog to partner with a friend of mine on.  She has just figured out exactly what I am talking about and is considering it.  I might go it alone if I think it is a worthwhile idea.  Maybe I can make money that way.

10.  Learn, learn, learn!  I am feeling behind on this one.  I ususally am learning stuff all the time, but the last few days I have been low on that score.  I think that I will go to Google Reader and read others blogs, just to see what I can learn!

It's not snowing here today, but I hope that you enjoy the snow pictures from Powell Cottage!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spring is about to POP!

We should be awash in yellow blooms soon, here at Powell Cottage