Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Okay, a little more about me. Augh!

Now that I have two blogs.  I guess I am going to consider this blog my more personal blog and Ideas on Living as my more public blog.  What that means...I have no idea.   But onward ~

I have another idea for my garden, my financial picture and my food production for this year.  No new stuff, other than maybe seeds if necessary.  I am going to try to grow my garden using only things that I already have, that I find, or that I may be given.  For example, I found a package of 4"x4" square netting about  6' long and 4' wide in my garden shed.  Still in the package.  I decided last year that it would have been nice to have larger openings in my netting for my peas and beans because the 1"x1" netting that I was using made it very difficult to get the peas/beans that grew inside the V.  With this new size netting I will at least be able to put my hand in one side of the V through to the middle for easier access.

Yesterday beautiful, 74 degrees and sunny I worked in the garden preparing a bed for something I am not sure what yet???   Bad planning I know, but I will get there.  It could be my new tomato bed or squash and cuke bed.  We'll see.

My electricity bill has lowered significantly this last couple of months, and I think that it is truly due to my conservation.  Believe it or not!  I have been more vigilant about turning off lights when I leave rooms, and making sure that everything that can be is turned off.  Such as, the computer, the printer, the speakers...etc.  I have unplugged the TVs since I only use one of them for DVD/VCR watching and I can warm it back up on my own time when I choose to watch a movie or something...which is rare.

I am a bit ashamed of my wastefulness in the past.  I don't think I even thought of myself as wasteful until I saw the drop in my bill.  I look at rooms now before I leave the house to see if anything is on...anything.  In fact as I sit here writing I am thinking about my microwave...(and you wonder why my writing is so disjointed--you should see my brain).  I am going to look for a surge protector or something similar that will allow me to turn of my toaster oven and my microwave after use.  I don't need a microwave clock, it's never on the right time anyway. :o)

As I look down the rest of my list I see that this was not a very productive week except for getting the new blog up I haven't accomplished much else.  Under achieving this week here at Powell Cottage.

Progress has occurred!


I have been working on a new project for making money and expressing myself.  It's another blog that I am going to partner with a friend on.  I finally got it up last night.  I am proud of it because I used alot of new knowledge to put it together.  I have been reading Google Blogger for Dummies, I do not love a title that insults me upon reading it, but as it turns and out it is a pretty good resource and all the library had to offer.

I will use some of this new knowledge on this blog as well, so look for changes soon.  On the progress front:  I had a second interview for the position I am trying to land and it went very well.  No blathering this time.  Thank goodness.

As far as food production goes I have tons of seedlings sprouting, this weekend after I do the taxes, I will spend alot of time getting the seedlings set up in the greenhouse and getting more planted.

Moneymaking, well hopefully the new blog will help and I am thinking that a garage sale if imminent. 

Nothing has happened on the water reclamation front, but if I get a real job then that is a basic priority.  Meanwhile fixing the leak in the toilet will have to be my water reclamation project...I think I can afford that.

Solar power -- does opening the curtains count.  Less gas heat is used!  It's the best I can do this week.  I have seen a magazine that I am interested in called HomePower, I think.  I don't see it on Amazon, but I have seen it on the web somewhere and I think I even saw a copy at the library.  The more I keep this kind of thing in front of my face the more progress I make on it. 


Party...not for a long time to come.

Decluttering - nothing so far this week, but this weekend!!!

Dining Room / Den conversion...we'll see.

Learn, learn....that's what I am trying to do here at Powell Cottage.  Hope you are too!