Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lost Weekend

This was a lost weekend for me. It happens many times when the paycheck has been deposited, the errands run and I am left to my own devices. There was a moment when it felt like the early 1960's to me. I had just put some clothes on the line to dry and I was cutting up some pajama bottoms that had ripped irretreivably into soft cotton rags. I remember a time when we did not have paper towels in our house, but instead a drawer of dish towels and in the broom closet a bucket of rags. I remember black and white films in school regarding fire safey that showed containers of oil rags going up in smoke on their own. Now, instead of throwing out old Tshirts, or sending unneeded gifted Tshirts to the Goodwill. I actually cut them up to make rags. I still use paper towels, but I am weaning myself off of them.

I spoke to my Dad on Father's Day, and watched golf on TV. I knitted and cleaned and took care of the garden and the animals. I napped whenever I felt like it and of course threw my schedule all out of whack for Monday morning, today. I am not a very good housekeeper. It is something that I work on all the time. I once had a large house and that was just too much for me, and I once had an efficiency apartment and that was just too small. My house now is small but still overwhelming when it comes to cleaning. It seems like you just get with something and something else has gone terribly awry. Somedays I get depressed about it, but I continue to give myself pep talks, because I think that just barely, inch by inch, I am catching up. I have faith. I will get my house cleaned all at the same time at least one more time before I die. AND. . .if it doesn't happen I probably won't care anymore.

Well, that's all for today from the clean livingroom at Powell Cottage.

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