Thursday, June 12, 2008

Working From My Own Desk

I have a second job. In the evening I enter 4 things to sell on eBay. I know, I know, everyone thinks that this is going to be a gold mine and after a while they are dissuaded of that belief. I have, however, worked through both the ups and the downs of that phase and I am now happily back with my eBay pursuits. I figured out that the second job (that I determined I needed) would probably pay $8 an hour. $32 a night. I am very often able to make $32 a night on eBay and even if I don't the cost of gasoline saved and eating dinner at home allow some leeway on that dollar amount as well.

So, . . . after the dogs have been let out and the cats have been fed and I have changed to my home uniform (shorts and Tshirt) and the garden has been watered, I sit down at my desk and see what needs to be shipped. I used to have on and off spurts of getting my eBay work done, before I came up with my system. You know those medicine dispensers (for want of a better word). The ones that say S M T W T F S on the tops of the individual compartments. I use one to organize and standardize my work. I have 5 small mother of pearl buttons that I put into the compartment for the day I started (again) to enter eBay items. Then as I enter one item I move that button from today's compartment to tomorrows compartment. My rule is I have to do at least 4 a day. I have the 5th button for those days when I get a spurt of enthusiasm. I will do one extra and use that one to make up for the days when I just don't want to be bothered. Unfortunately these days come way to often, but the button procedure keeps me doing my job. How pitiful would I have to be to not enter 4 measly items in one evening (only 3 following a really enthusiastic day).

With this good luck, I get to spend my evenings at Powell Cottage and care for the animals and the gardens. It's a pretty great life!

Have a happy day ~

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