Sunday, September 21, 2008

Autumn has arrived, on time, which is unusual for this area. I have two tomatoes planted and two serrano peppers blooming and producing. And, my cotton plant is still looking good. I grew a seed on my window sill...trouble is I have no idea what seed it was, so I planted it in the garden bed hoping that it will grow into something recognizable.

I have also started knitting another pair of socks, just straight rib stitch socks with new yarn from the Woolie Ewe. I have only started, because they were ripped back twice yesterday until I came up with a discipline that will stop me from knitting on the wrong sock (I am knitting two on a loop). I have a stitch holder literally pinning the other sock so I can't knit it and when I finish the sock I am on I move the stitch holder to it, thus not allowing me to go back and start in error again. The yarn is a golden sort of khaki. I think I am knitting to a more accurate size this time, so I hope to keep these and not have to send them to the Mavericks to find someone who will fit them.

The flower garden in the front yard is looking pretty good. I have white zinnia's, and salvia, obediant plant and other stuff that I don't remember the names of . . . but now I will make sure and write down the names 'cuz I feel silly not knowing what is already growing in my own garden.


Items that I can't live without: My computer for obvious reasons, My sewing machine for creative reasons, My TV for occasional reasons, My radio, disk player, and iPod for listening reasons,

Things that I can't stop doing: Gardening...don't know why's in my DNA, Knitting - can stop, have stopped, don't want to stop again.

Reading or as I put it in the 21st century, Listening - books on CD keep me going.

And of course working, working is the thing that really keeps me going in many, many ways.

After making this list my needs seem so much smaller, understanding that electricity is a big thing and potable water is a BIG thing.

I am going to evolve my living space to fit into the person who has my can't live without list. You might think haven't you already done that? Isn't that what adults do? And I say, no that isn't what adults do. Adults have to evolve to who they are sans their childhood inputs for...well forever I would guess. Constantly honing who they are from the inside out, working away from who they are from the outside in - the projections of parents, and grandparents, and siblings.

I think that those adjustments might be very subtle, but to make your heart happy the subtleties are important.

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