Sunday, November 30, 2008

The New Garden Begins

No, the new year is not here yet, but today I start to think about my new garden. I have had some luck with my all-of-a-sudden, bet-I-could-make-this-work green house that I threw together. I have marigolds, lettuce, peppers, celery, cilantro, and fennel still growing under it and I through out some spinach, and lettuce seeds today just for fun.

This year tho' it's all about the planning, and I have high hopes.

We had some rain yesterday and lots the day before so everything is moist. I don't believe that we have had a frost yet...if we have it was just some fluke, one time, just barely sort of thing. Today's forecast was for a Hi of 59 degrees, and Lo of 40 degrees and partly cloudy. Tomorrow's forecast is for a Hi of 51 degrees, a Lo of 35 degrees and mostly clear.

My thrown together green house consist of 3 sections of arcs shaped out of hardware cloth and tie wrapped to some kind of black pvc sort of piping that was wrapped in a tight circle to begin with so the arc was sort of natural. The two end sections have a hardward cloth ends so they fit together over my raised bet in sections. The idea about covering them in plastic came to me the first time I thought about a frost and for a few dollars I bought painters drip cloth and covered my entire assembly (twice).

On the knitting front I have socks for my Dad nearly 2/3rds complete with pleanty of time before wrapping. I have also done about 1/4 of my afghan, so that's good.

All animals are healthy and accounted for. I do have plans on adding 2 new chickens to my flock this year. Definite layers are going to be picked from my choices at the Roach Feed Store. I like my Ameraucanas, but I would rather have eggs.

No, this is not a curren picture of my raised bed, but that is just a picture of plastic - boring. Here's something from a couple of months ago. :-)

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