Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 -- It's going to be a very good year!

Last year's number one goal having been accomplished (finding a new and full time job) made the assignment of choosing this year's list of focus items much more enjoyable!

I love my new job and after quick look at Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs, I understand why everything and I mean everything seems better in my life.

No. 1 on the list of needs is of course air/food/water/shelter.   I had all of these things but each was in jeopardy until I found a full time job and a real salary. 

No. 2 is protection from the elements/security/stability:  My house keeps me out of the elements, but I was in fear of loosing my house and that did a number on the security and stability. 

No. 3 is Belongingness:  workgroup, family, relationships -- this one is kind of funny, because had I not been in such dire straights for the last 12 months I don't think I would have appreciated the friends and family relationships that I have.  There were many times when I had to go begging (literally and figuratively) and always, ALWAYS my friends and family not only came to my rescue, but made me feel good about myself with words of encouragement and understanding, and they continually reminded me that this was a situational problem and not 'who I was'. 

At the same time I found a work family that has made me feel very at home and valuable, needed and respected.  These things are No. 4 on the list:  Esteem -- mastery/independence/status. 

No.5 is Self Actualization.  This item consists of realizing personal potential, self fulfillment, personal growth and peak experiences.  I am living in a house that I love, working in a job that I am excited about and trying everyday for self fulfillment and personal growth.  This blog is one of my ways of doing this.  Peak experiences tho'...I am not sure what those are, maybe my peak experiences just aren't those usually associated with the word peak.  I don't want to climb Mount Everest or land on the moon.  For me I guess a 'peak experience' is sitting in a warm living room, after a day of working in the garden, and walking the dogs, having eaten a nice meal typing in my blog. 

Items for Focus this Year are:

  1.  Improve my fiscal security.
  2.  Improve my health.
  3.  Continue to work on my Healthcare Software Analyst Certification
  4.  Increase and improve my food production.
  5.  Improve my water reclamation system and my water conservation methods.
  6.  Begin to raise Angora Rabbits.
  7.  Continue to clear out the clutter and take on small interior improvements.
  8.  Experiment on a small scale with solar power.
  9.  Blog regularly and enthusiatically.
10.  Learn, learn, learn.

I am feeling pretty Peaky here at Powell Cottage, Happy New Year!

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