Monday, October 11, 2010

I've been gone, but good things have happened.

Below are my list of goals from December 2009.  I happy to be able to report good news on many of them.

1.  Find a new permanent job.  DONE!  I have a new exciting job working in a new and exciting place, and doing new and exciting work.  I am very, very grateful and happy!

2. Increase and improve my food production.  I have increased my food production, but not nearly enough!

3. Find ways to make money at home.  Haven't worked on this so much, been too busy getting/learning the new job.  I have begun fighting varmints in a big way and will continue to improve on my methods more here later.

4. Improve water reclamation system.  I have done very little to improve this, but I have still had a really good return on the work I had previously done.  I have used very little city water this year even though it was a hot summer.  The water that I have collected has worked very well for me.

5. Learn a great deal more about solar power and ways to use it.  Still working this, and still determined.  I have noticed a small 12v collector in an ad for outdoorsman apparel, I haven't checked into this yet, but it is on the list of things to do.  IKEA has a solar lamp (see above) that I am going to buy as soon as I have received my first full paycheck!

6. Increase my knowledge of webpages and their administration.  I have a new website to take care of at work.  Yeah!  My earlier learning has come in very handy.

7. Have a party.   Not for a while.

8. Clear out significantly more clutter.  Have done so, am continuing to do so, and I am amazed at how much there is.  I intended to clean out my bedroom closet this weekend.  I use the past tense because I haven't completed the job.  One old fashioned, non-walkin closet, filled my bedroom with stuff.  Most of which has found a new more appropriate home and some of which has hit the trash, but there is still a little more to go before I can consider that complete.  Unbelievable how much can come out of one closet.

9. Convert the dining room into the office and the den into seed production and breakfast area.  This goal has completely changed.  As I think I have mentioned earlier, I built a green house for my plants last year.  I did not fully complete that goal because I could not afford the plastic for the walls and I just used plastic sheeting that is often used for painting drop cloths.  It worked, sort of, but it wasn't expected to last and it hasn't.  Meanwhile, I have decided to downsize.  Downsize!  you say!  Yes, I am down sizing within my own home.  I have determined that I do not need two living areas.  My den was my living room and my living room was my just for company room.  Well, not any more.  My den has a concrete floor, while the rest of my house is pier and beam.  My den has access to the front yard, the back yard, the garage and the kitchen, AND has two 6ft by 9ft windows in it.  The curtains have been removed, shelved have been put in place and my den is now my greenhouse.  My second bedroom will continue it's roll as large closet and storage area.  I will be using the rest of my house as a small apartment within a small house.  I have already converted my dining room into a second seating area and I moved my computer into the bedroom.  The space left outside where the greenhouse was will become another growing bed. So far it's all good.  As more clutter moves out more options open up.

10. Learn, learn, learn  I have begun my Healthcare Software Analyst Certificate training.  And, of course there is plenty to learn in my new job, so this goal is covered!
Well that's all from Powell Cottage for today!

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