Sunday, January 24, 2010

10 Things I Like About My Home

I was reading a post from Melissa @ Inspired Room called 10 Things I Love [about Farmhouse Style].  I decided to post about 10 things I love about my home.  It's not a Farmhouse, but it is my suburban home and I feel like celebrating it.

My house in general.  I fell in love with it when it had nothing but grass and dark brown trim.  I love it more even now.

The stone my house is built out of.  The first thing that caught my eye and the best part of the exterior of my home.

 My dining room wallpaper.  20yrs old and I still love it and all its color.

My kitched even with its old fake butcherblock formica counter tops I still love it.

My bathroom tile.  The '50s weren't kind to many people regarding bathroom tile color, but they were great for me.  I love my blue tile.

My mantle was hidden under many things when I came to look at my house for the first time.  I was so pleasantly surprised when I moved in and saw how terrific it really was.

My front beds, very new to me and a terrific addition to just plain grass.  I am grateful to friends who showed me that a front yard can be more!

Hotbeds, not quite yet finished, but I have high hopes for the increase in production these should add to my garden.

My water reclamation system.  Some working and some standing by.

And to finish off these 10 things, cuz there are many others.  I love my access to public transportation.  That sign post two yards away near the curb is how far I have to go to catch the bus!

Well that's the first 10 of may tens of things that I love here at Powell Cottage!

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Deb said...

that was a great list....I love the stones on your home...