Friday, January 29, 2010

The pond should be frozen again this time tomorrow~

Our email system is down, so I have a few minutes to write.  I started a new knitting project last night.  It is a blanket for my brother and his wife.  They just redid their den/kitchen so that they are now more of one big room then they already were (sort of).  Anyway, I am happy to be into a new project.  After my tragic affair with my sweater, of many stitch types, that turned out to be the size for a linebacker with pads on.  I have frogged that one and now have a large store of maroon yarn that will make something some day.  In my greif I knitted kitchen towels out of pure cotton.  It's what I do until I am struck by another must do project.  Enter the Harvest Blanket from Bernat, being done with Vanna's Choice solids.  It is multicolor/patchwork.

I am trying to fit this blanket into my goals for this year.  For which my updates are sadly lacking.  Guess I will expound on those below, but as for knitting.  It seems like a good indoor sport for a sustainable type such as myself.  Another hobby by which I end up with something useful, and that is my goal.  Spend my time and my money only on things that are useful!  Oh, yeah, or chocolate. Funny how I come to that now!  I could have used this kind of inspiration a few years ago, but then progress comes in its own time. 

Okay, onto the years goals...what were they again???

Oh yeah,

1.  On the job front I have put in several more applications since my last update.  I have also communicated with my supervisor at the temporary job that I have now and she says their are things on the horizon for me to apply for. So that's good.

2. I have nearly finished the veggie bed in the front garden.  It just needs a little more compost and it will be ready for planting. 

3.  I have sold a couple of things on eBay this week.  Not enough to really brag about though.

4.  Nothing on the solar power front.

5.  I did get another lesson from my website guru for future website administration.

6.  Clutter.....I have cleaned up some things, but I don't think anything new made it out of the house.  Maybe that will be a priority this weekend.

7.  The switching of the dining room with the den.  That is the low man on the priority list, so not even the vaguest thought about it has passed through my mind this week. 

Plans for this weekend:

1. Laundry, laundry, laundry ..... ugh!
2. Clean up the bedroom and the bathroom, and then do some laundry.
3. Knit, while doing laundry.
4. Send eBay items to auction winners.
5. Work on DOGC website.
6. Go to the library.
7. Clean up the living room and the den.

Just a great list of stuff for a cold weekend indoors here at Powell Cottage.

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Deb said...

sounds like you have a busy weekend...